Greetings Positive People,


There are many positive points to reparations. First African-Americans can study and reclaim their traditional forms of spiritual worship, cultural heritage and family values. Second they will have a chance to recuperate from deep psychological wounds and social and economic setbacks due to racism/white supremacy and slavery. Upon group recovery blacks will be inspired to forgive those who harmed them and the healing process can begin. The fact of the matter is that most blacks and whites do get along. The problem is blacks do not have their own land or institutions to provide the necessities of life to take care of their people themselves. Reparations will enable African-Americans to secure land and acquire the resources that are necessary to create an infrastructure for those purposes.


Blacks and whites can use the Five Phase Plan to formulate a Reparations Package that will provide enough resources, to maximize the potential in each of the three models of reparations, which are Improving Integration, Establishing Repatriation and Creating Sovereignty. As you all know improving integration would mean to enforce laws and policies set forth for blacks to have equal access and receivership of benefits from institutions in integration, mainly for prompt and fair social and family services and student, home and business loans. An area for NąCOBRA to lead.


Repatriation means blacks who choose to go back to Africa or some other part of the Diaspora where Africans were enslaved and/or exploited, will do so with ample resources. They will join the native people to rekindle and embrace extended family relationships and develop the native land. They will claim the natural resources for sustenance and distribute the wealth as they draft initiatives for the colonials to slowly leave the native lands. This is promoting nationhood and autonomy including the indigenous natives and blacks from other parts of the world. An area for the Sankofa Repatriation Movement to lead.


Sovereignty means African-Americans will get their own reparations land right here in America on prime property, in close or relative proximity to large black communities. For the first time in the history of this nation blacks would be free of racism, form their own government and build institutions to provide quality housing, employment, health care and education for themselves, (which is an infrastructure). Something blacks have earned from slavery but are lacking today. An area for the RULA to lead.


Reparations represents the continued struggle to finish the battles for equality that grew into the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements of the 50s and 60s. Black and White Americans fought those battles together. Black and White Americans should come together again at the highest levels of government along with the Christian and general population to produce solutions for the current economic crisis and bringing justice to blacks for slavery and other crimes they endured. All Black and White Americans should initiate the process to eliminate racism and facilitate racial healing through reparations.


African-Americans have a long and rich tradition of contributions that has and still does benefit America . Reparations will allow us to expose this part of Black History that has been excluded from the educational system and social settings. That was a major crime of omission that caused severe damage to self-esteem and created harmful misperceptions that must be addressed. We must remember reparations means to repair the damage done to a people. Slavery has been labeled a crime against humanity. No one can argue the legacy of slavery and segregation is seen today in institutional racism and various forms of discrimination. These are past crimes that have caused great damage and reparations are in order.


There are present issues that are causing just as much damage to blacks as past crimes, such as AIDS, the War on Drugs, Police Brutality, Gentrification and a host of others. One day America is going to have to answer for racism, slavery and other vicious crimes that have caused massive damage to African-Americans. In knowing this and recognizing good whites have said the government should apologize to blacks for slavery, acknowledging blacks should get reparations, there is no reason for any black person to refute reparations.


But there are always going to be sell outs among us who will refute reparations. They will say and do anything to get in good with massa ! We must log their names and statements into the Reparations Data Base so we can be sure they do not get any benefits or utilize any resources from reparations. So please send me the names and statements of any African-American or black group refuting reparations for entry into the data base. The masses are tired of seeing sell out blacks cause them harm with no accountability and have requested the RULA to have a group of brothas in place to enforce this policy.


It is going to take a joint effort on the part of the masses and reparations groups to win reparations. It is good to know that we will not be fooled in reparations like we were with reconstruction, integration, bussing and affirmative-action. We will divide the reparations package up in a way so that no one reparations group will have control over reparations resources or programs for recovery, rehabilitation, restitution or compensation. That was one of the most important reasons for writing the Five Phase Plan. We will not let those who oppose reparations infiltrate one of the reparations groups with sorry or prominent and influential people to line their pockets while the masses continue to suffer.



In memory of our ancestors,
Brotha Pruitt
Reparations Leader and Chairman
Committee for African-American Reparations (CAAR) CA
Reparations Union Lobbying Association (RULA) NC