That book fair sounds great! Unfortunately, the Safiya book won't be released until next February. (By the way - do you know that Jeff Haas, one of the people who founded the People's Law Office in Chicago, wrote a book about Fred's murder, and it's coming out in November? He told me, <The Assassination of Fred Hampton:How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther will be launched by my publisher, Lawrence Hill Books/Chicago Review Press in Chicago on November 5th at an event at Northwestern Law School.>

On the Safiya book: I'll ask the publisher about doing an ad -- the cover is not done (they did one, but Wonda and I don't like it and it is being worked on -- my biggest complaint was that they made my name as big as Safiya's and didn't list Mumia, who has an afterword in the book -- but you can see it at
 So...I will get back to you about an ad. What's the deadline, and where can the publisher find information (if they can do it -- they are a not-for-profit and I don't know how much they will dedicate to ads before the book is out.....if needed, I'll do something for the program. Please send me a link or whatever for information. THANKS!)

ALSO -- I know you were on the West Coast, but how much did you work with/know Safiya during the BPP years? I am asking because I would love to include a mention of your memories of her in one of the (very short) intros to the various speeches. If you can let me know when and how you knew her (whatever is for public consumption), I can ask you a question so that I can get a quote from you to include....

thank you so much!!! Safiya lives!