Last night as we were sitting around talking about the BPP, in Tanzania ( Pete and Charlotte's Center), a phone call came in from the U.S about Althea. She was a very good person. I first met Al when she came in from New Orleans in 1972, always a hard worker. She worked from the W. Oakland Center, also registered people to vote at the LampPost. She later went back to New Orleans and worked in the community. She was one of the first people to start networking on the Angola 3 case back in the 1970's. We connected  with her in 1998 as we supported the A3 and formed the now International support comittte for the A3. When in New Orleans we stayed at her home and she was a great host, passing on tips where to eat and sightsee. She was a warm person who would always lend a helping hand. A real comrade, she will be greatly missed.

Billy X

Please contact her daughter Ogla

I regret to inform you that our mom, Althea died today. More
information will follow as we make plans for her funeral in New
Orleans next week.