Charlotte Hill O'Neal A gathering of Afro's back in da day! I had cut my first set of locks so this must have been around 1997? Brother Bill was in good health then and Sister Jimmye, who is an artist and certified yoga teacher, is always doing well. And there is also Mzee Reed who was part of the Wichita six (or was it eight!) and was part of the TZ community back in the day and of course Mzee Pete. Good memories last forever and two days!
Here is the Facebook posting form Mama C (Charlotte O'Neal) in Tanzania.
May our dear comrade brother Taratibu Bill Whitfield rest n peace and power. May we who knew and loved him be comforted by good memories of being with him. I've known Brother Bill and his wife, Sister Jimmye since I was 18 years old...he was always a friend with a light heart and a smile. He must be breathing a sigh of relief to be finally released from the body that failed him in these last few years. I will cherish the good memories! R.I.P. dear comrade brother. 

Much Love,
Many Blessings,