About Mike Gray

I never met Mike, but we have talked on the phone a number of times. We had a few friends in common, Panthers Michael Zinzum and Bob Lee. Mike and his wife had sponsored or was involved in a number of social justices programs in Southern California which they came to know Micheal Zinzum.
  But it wasn't until I talked to Bob Lee of Houston Texas that I started talking to Mike Gray about the movie' Murder of Fred Hampton'. Mike give me permission to place "The Murder of Fred Hampton on our website.

 Mike became close friends to Bob Lee whom was the focus of his second movie" American Revolution". Mike was working on a movie about Bob Lee" called " The Organizer" about Bob's life and how he got his brother elected to public office. It can be found on the menu on the homepage under "Audio/Video. on www.itsabouttimebpp.com






Revolutionary documentarian filmmaker and staunch partisan of the Ill. Chapter of the Black Panther Party has died in Los Angeles. Mike was 78 years old and a longtime activist filmmaker and author. His is survived by his widow Carol and son Lucas. He is sorely missed. There is a brief report in the links above.