Our Story, the place and pages where OUR STORIES 1 are what It's About Time has focused on providing the broken, unheard of, misconceived, and finally the true stories from the community workers, members, rank and file of the Black Panther Party.  Perhaps these accounts will help piece together the rest of the story of the struggles we endured in the name of the revolution with our sometimes-celebrated founders, and ranking members to serve the people.

The "Itís About Time Committee" began in Sacramento, CA, in 1995, when former Black Panther Party (BPP) members got together to plan the 30th year reunion of the BPP.  Over 400 former BPP members, community workers, and interested youth from the United States attended the three-day event.

The "Itís About Time Newsletter" began publication after the reunion and has developed into a viable communication source of progressive news and commentary.  The newsletter has grown to over 10,000 readers per issue.  The Itís About Time Newsletter is distributed free throughout the world.  The newsletter is free to prisoners around the country and is available on line at

Itís About Time has also sponsored many community events.  We help organize "Geronimo Day" in Oakland, Ca, which brought out thousands to celebrate his release from prison in 1997.  We reestablished Bobby Hutton Day in Oakland, which is held in April every year.  We have sponsored film showings and participated in many activities of other progressive organizations.

Itís About Time maintains a network of hundreds of former BPP members and supporters and is a clearinghouse for Panther information.  We are also developing an archive with a collection of Black Panther Papers, posters, photographs, buttons, and other documents.  We hope to develop this into a traveling exhibit in the future.

The Itís About Time Committee also sponsors a "Books Behind Bars" program which sends books, magazines and other educational reading material to prisons across the U.S.  Many prisoners have organized political education study groups around the materials they receive.

Statement of Purpose

The Itís About Time Committee is committed to preserving and promoting the legacy of the Black Panther Party (BPP) and its programs of community survival pending social change.  We will commemorate the historic legacies of the BPP as well as the many sacrifices and constructive contributions that all of us made while serving the people body and soul.

We have the responsibility to place our own experiences into historical context; otherwise, the legacy of the Black Panther Party will be ignored, dismissed, and distorted by todayís commentators and tomorrowís historians.

We will maintain a network of Black Panther Party alumni and supporters to provide educational information to community groups or the public at large regarding issues of social justice.  This will include publishing a newsletter and maintaining a speakersí bureau.  We also organize local community events and support other community organizations that promote social justice issues.  We provide mentoring for urban youth groups to encourage positive community activity and volunteerism.

We commemorate the sacrifices of those who fell in body and spirit to the prevailing internal and external forces of those times.  We must continue to bring attention to the plight of the many political prisoners and exiles that were victims of the government repression, which contributed to the Partyís demise.

We need to reclaim our history and dispel the many myths about the Party.



Itís About Time is a 501(c) 3 non profit corporation.  Tax-deductible donations can be made to


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