Sheba Haven a.k.a. Claudia Grayson

I came into the party as a community worker from Castlemont High School's Black Student Union in 1970. I feel that I received an education within the ranks of the BPP, which I could not have received elsewhere. Like all other rank and file Panthers, I sold papers, worked in the Free Breakfast program and studied Marxist-Leninist, and other progressive movements. I opened and operated the George Jackson People's Free Health Clinic until I left the BPP due to the decadence I saw manifested by the Party leadership. I "went underground" in 1971 and was arrested at the end of 1972. Since my release from prison I have been active in fighting many of the same causes which inspired me to join the BPP, namely, police brutality, economic justice, prisoners rights. I helped to reorganize the Black Panther Newspaper, Black Community News Service, (1990-93) and I salute the effort of this newsletter in educating the community and reestablishing lines of communication among former Panthers.