(Adapted from The Black Panther Paper, by Landon Williams, 1970)

The Black Panther Black Community News Service, is not just a newspaper in the traditional sense of the word, it's more than that. The Black Panther Black Community News Service is a living contemporary history of our people's struggle for liberation at the grassroots level. It's something to be studied and grasped, and saved for future generations to read, learn, and understand.

The Black Panther Black Community News Service tells the story of our people's struggle in the streets. Its story unfolds far from the perfumed parlors of the petty bourgeoisie. It tells the true story of what happens in the concrete inner-city jungles of Babylon when brothers and sisters off the block, workers, and members of the petty bourgeoisie decide to cast aside their petty personal goals and aspirations, and begins to work unselfishly together with a common goal in mind.

The Black Panther documents step by step the actions taken by, and programs instituted by the Black Panther Party in its unstoppable drive to serve the people; and documents before the whole world the repression and murders committed by Amerikkka's corrupt monopoly capital in its dastardly attempts to stop this move to institute people's power. The Black Panther teaches the people the strategic means for resisting the power structure.

The Black Panther Black Community News Service tells how the correct examples of the Party, led by Huey P. Newton, spread like wildfire throughout fascist Amerikkka. The Black Panther documents for all humanity to see how the wretched slaves of Amerikkka moved fearlessly to establish ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE. The weekly issues of The Black Panther also show how people who will be free refuse to be either cowed or intimidated by death, imprisonment, or exile, and continue to develop and expand. It is a lesson in the objective truth, that the spirit of the people is indeed greater than the man's technology. The best that humanity possesses will never yield to any oppressor.

Issue by issue, the people's revolutionary struggle for national salvation unfolds in the pages of The Black Panther Community News Service, free from the distortion, bias, and lies of the oppressor controlled mass media. The People's paper tells how starting out with nothing, the People's Party, The Black Panther Party, moved with the people to implement Free Breakfast Programs to feed our hungry children, Free Health Clinics to care for the sick, Free Clothing Programs to clothe our needy, Liberation Schools to educate our youth and Community Centers to keep the community informed. With each meal served, with each child clothed, and with each bandage applied, we were attacked wilder and wilder - Fred Hampton and Mark Clark murdered in their sleep by Chicago's thin blue line on December 4, 1969 and the L.A. office attacked by 400 crazed pigs on December 8, 12969 (VOL. IV, NO. 2).

The Black Panther Black Community News Service is not only a history of the people's growth, but also the pigs fanatical repression as they near total destruction. The Black Panther documents and indicts Amerikkka for the fascist police state that it is, attempting to crush all dissent by force.

The Black Panther Community News Service is a living breathing history that continues each and every day. It is not an ordinary newspaper. It is the flesh and blood, the sweat, and tears of our people. The Black Panther Black Community News Service is truly a mirror of the spirit of the people.

(Adapted from The Black Panther Paper, by Landon Williams, 1970)