Malcolm X Day at San Quentin

On May 22 1971 the Black inmates at San Quentin commemorated the birthday of Malcolm X under the sponsorship of SATE (Self-Advancement Through Education) organization. SATE is an organization of Black inmates in San Quentin; many were members of the San Quentin Branch of the Black Panther Party such as the president Paul Morgan.

Black inmates at San Quentin commemorating the birthday of Malcolm X with sisters of the BPP

Sisters of the BPP at San Quentin

Pauline Napier (wife of Sam Napier) standing with red hat, Standing with white hat on Marsha Turner, From left to right Joan Kelley, Carol Rucker, Joyce, Karen Stevenson, and Kathy Campbell, surrounded by Party members of the SQ branch.
The short guy in front with nametag is Cleve Brooks, key member of the branch and former San Francisco Panther. SATE members and Panther Sisters, Paul Morgan (Party member)) standing next to Sister Joyce and behind Karen with Black Hat.

Muhammad Ali and many groups and community choirs were invited as well as the Lumpen and their band the Freedom Messengers. Using this opportunity as a way to support the brothers inside, sisters in the BPP formed a dance troupe to perform with the Lumpen. From the outset the program manger, Sam Skinner (a local disc jockey working with the warden) tried to block the Lumpen or anyone from the group from coming to San Quentin.

Somehow, the Lumpen and the Freedom Messengers as well as the dance troupe did get into the prison that day. The sisters had a wonderful time socializing with members of SATE and members of the San Quentin Branch of the BPP.