Betty Powell Toussaint

Betty Powell Toussaint

Betty Powell Toussaint became involved with the New Orleans Chapter of the BPP through their political education classes. She then became a community worker. She initially worked in the office. Later, she sold papers and worked in the Free Breakfast program. She was especially good at soliciting donations for Party programs.

Her experiences in the Party were very positive. She was motivated by love for her comrades and the people. Through her political education, her knowledge of herself and her place in history.

Her enthusiasm was never dampened, even though she was wounded in the police raid at the Desire projects in 1970. She was shot in the right arm with 00 buckshot by undercover police agents who were dressed as priests. She was then jailed for a year and stayed faithful to the Party. After a year in jail, a jury found all the Party members arrested in the raid Not Guilty and she was released.

Betty came to California in 1972 to work on Bobby Seale’s campaign for mayor of Oakland. Already a proven strong comrade, she was chosen to be on Bobby’s security team. After the campaign, she went back to New Orleans and worked as a community worker.

Betty is now a minister in New Orleans and is still active in the community. She is still motivated by love for the people. She says that her experience in the Party was the best experience in her life and above all, she is still a comrade.