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“When you are in Mississippi, the rest of America doesn’t seem real; and when you are in the rest of America, Mississippi doesn’t seem real,” Robert “Bob” Moses, who was the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) project director for Mississippi from 1961-1965, once remarked of the state.

Because Mississippi is known for its anti-black violence, racist codification in law of discrimination, and the denial of basic citizenship rights, change in Mississippi was brought on through arduous, dangerous struggle, particularly during the year of 1964. That was the year when Bob Moses spearheaded a movement to change Mississippi, which would be called the Mississippi Summer Project. “Freedom Summer” in Mississippi not only changed the state, but also changed America by taking on four major issues: gaining and securing voting rights, quality public education, opportunity for work and fair pay, and healthcare.

The summer of 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of this historic time.  Tougaloo College, the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement (VMCRM), the Mississippi State Conference NAACP, and One Voice are collaborating on a campaign entitled, “Mississippi: We Are Freedom Summer.” This campaign will include a series of issue-area convenings, a Constitutional ballot initiative campaign, and ongoing community organizing trainings for students and volunteers; including a week long gathering at Tougaloo College where participants will discuss and strategize around how to continuing the work from 50 years ago. This campaign is an effort to ignite new energies and call to action on the following human rights issues: voting rights, quality public education for all children, workers’ rights, and access to affordable healthcare.

Visit our website and learn more about Mississippi Freedom Summer 50th.

And please consider registering to join us June 25-29, 2014, in Jackson, MS.

MS Freedom Summer 50th Planning Committee,


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