Oakland Community Learning Center

Life at the Learning Center

The Oakland Community Learning Center was perhaps one of the greatest endeavors of the Black Panther Party as an integral entity within the community providing innovative and universal community services and cultural events. The concept of an all encompassing educational and cultural center is what the African-American community needed at that time and the Party delivered on the Ten Point Program.

The OCLC contained the model Oakland Community School, numerous youth, and adult programs that included a youth film program, martial arts training. Entertainers performed and dignitaries constantly visited the facility, some of the well-known folks like Cab Calloway, James Baldwin, Bill Walton, Former Governor Jerry Brown…just to name a few and there were many more.

Comrade Deacon was killed at a community function at the OCLC.

It served as a base of operations for community-wide activities and involvement.

The OCLC was the institution that further legitimized the Party in the eyes of the community; because they could see us, giving back…it was a place to go…. It could perhaps have taken the Party the the next level..

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Thanks go out to all the photographers who helped capture the history of the BPP in all it's phases, we especially would like to thank Tony, D.C.(Donald), Bunchy (John C.), Darryl, Glenn, Melanie, Toni, Stephen, Jeffrey, and anybody else who's photo's are presented on this page or anywhere on the website.