2 January 71 Sister Murdered in Cold Blood By Rent-A-Pig Black Panther

Article written by the NCCF Cleveland reported on the 12 December 70 murder of 21 year-old Darnese Strowder by Ilrent-a-pig" William B. Miller. After being wrongly accused of stealing, Strowder was gunned down from less than three feet away. Miller was later charged with second- degree murder. The NCCF lambasted Cleveland District Attorney Clarence D. Rogers for using the rent-a-pigs as scapegoats in an effort to distract attention away from the brutality of the Cleveland Police.

27 March 71 Cleveland Free Bussing Program Black Panther

Notice written by the NCCF Cleveland to announce the "Free Bussing to Prisons" Program. Trips to the Ohio Penitentiary were scheduled for the last Saturday of each month, leaving at 10:00 AM and returning at 5:30 PM. Visits to the Mansfield State Reformatory were scheduled for the second Saturday of each month and trips to the Marion facility were scheduled for the third Saturday of each month.

17 April 71 Cleveland Breakfast for Children Program to Expand Black Panther

Article written by the NCCF Cleveland announced the establishment of another Free Breakfast Program as part of the Panther survival kit in Cleveland. Individuals and businesses who wish to volunteer or make a donation are asked to combat NCCF headquarters at 2312 E. 79th St.

1 May 71 Free Darryl and Essex Black Panther

Article written by the Cleveland Branch of the Black Panther Party reported on the injustices against Comrades Darryl Harris and Essex Smith, each held on $50,000 bail on false charges of abduction, rape, and robbery. The Panthers insisted that Harris and Smith were actually arrested for selling Panther newspapers and administering survival programs in Cleveland. In a three- month span from June 29 to September 29, 1970,""25 Cleveland Panthers were arrested and charged with forty felonies.” The Panthers were calling on the people to make donations to the Cleveland Political Defense Committee, PO Box 2576, East Cleveland.

21 May 71 Black Panthers Offer Free Haircuts for Kids Press

The Black Panthers announced a free haircuts program to children under the age of 12, according to Louis McCoy, Coordinator for program. McCoy was still seeking equipment for the program.

22 May 71 ' Crippled Girl & Mother Denied Right to Decent Housing Panther

Article written by the Cleveland Branch of the BPP described the dilapidated housing of Mrs. Fannie Jefferson and her disabled daughter Cheryl Jefferson, who was stricken with polio in September 1959. Although the landlord Philip Shanon had been asked on numerous occasions to fix maintenance problems, he refused to abide by his agreements.

26 May 71 Black Panthers Still Offer Bus Rides to Ohio Prisons Press

Louis McCoy, Coordinator of the Free Prison Bussing Program, said the Cleveland Panthers had been transporting over 200 persons a month to the Ohio Penitentiary , Marion Correction Institution, Mansfield Reformatory, and Chillicothe Correction Institution. McCoy said that the need is greater than the volunteers and busses in the program.

28 May 71 Panther Haircuts are Postponed Press

Louis McCoy said the Cleveland Panthers are concentrating efforts on the Free Prison Bussing Program and the Free Clothing give-away and had indefinitely suspended the Free Haircut Program.

15 June 71 Panthers Go on Trial on Gun Battle Here Press

The trial of Curtis Johnson, Fred Clark, and Richard Dowell, charged with shooting at police in a raid on June 29, 1970, began in front of Common Pleas Judge George W. White. Panther lawyer Frederic Ferrell stated that his evidence would show that the warrant by Doc A very was a facade for a military attack on NCCF headquarters.

15 June 71 Panther's Lawyer Reports Bomb Threat Press

Cleveland Panther's lawyer Frederic Ferrell reported an anonymous bomb threat on his home. The threat comes in the midst of the trial of three Panthers accused of shooting at a police officer .

16 June 71 Jury Told of Raid on Panther Group Plain Dealer

Lt. Harry Leisman, who led the raid of NCCF headquarters on June 29, 1970, told the jury about initial firing coming from the Panther offices. Assistant County Prosecutor Patrick G. Lazzaro first called Thomas Avery to the stand, who testified about Panther threats on his life and Panthers handling guns with children. Patrolman Charles Campbell also testified to seeing Panthers in military formation with four individuals carrying rifles.

3 July 71 They're Even Shooting Those Who Teach Our Youth Black Panther

Article written by the Ohio State Chapter of the BPP reported the unjust murder of high school teacher Mose Wendell Mitchell. After being handcuffed and beaten to the ground, Mitchell was murdered by Officer Keith Reider. When 300 Cleveland residents marched to City Hall to talk with Gladstone L. Chandler, the City Manager of East Cleveland, 5 police were suspended without pay: Sgt. Ralph Winter, Patrolmen Anthony D’Agostino, Reider, john Donich, and Terrence Lucas. East Cleveland Prosecutor Henry B. Fisher ruled the murder as a justifiable homicide.

6 July 71    

By a jury composed of 11 whites and one black, former Panthers Fred Clark, Richard Dowell, and Curtis Johnson were convicted and sentenced to prison over the shooting and wounding of a policeman. In an article on July 12th, Tommie Carr stated that the defendants had dropped out of the Party before the trial began, thereby denying the Panther's ability to contribute funds to their defense.

12 July 71 Black Panthers Here Shift Emphasis to Social Action Plain Dealer

Front-page story on the Cleveland Panthers discussed Free Prison Bussing Program, Free Clothing Program, and the new clinic ready to be opened. Before the opening of the clinic, Dr . Richard Wright, a resident Physician at Metropolitan General Hospital, had operated a Panther Medical Screening program. Tommie Carr, who joined the Party in the fall of '69 and is the local defense captain and highest-ranking member of the Cleveland chapter, spoke about the support from individuals and local businesses. He rejected the idea in the Fairfax area of hiring additional police to deal with the community problems. Carr further denounced the leadership of Carl Stokes and the destruction of Black organization under his tenure.

29 July 71 Panther on Trial for Riot Hurt in Fight with Guards Plain Dealer

Essex Smith, on trial for charges of inciting a riot, allegedly assaulted Deputy Sheriff Joseph Forgan after Smith refused to go to trial with wrinkled clothes. Both Smith and Tommie Carr were accused of inciting to riot on September 24, 1970 in front of Panther headquarters.

3 August 71 Judge Balks at Acquittal for Panthers Press

Common Pleas Judge John L. Angelotta denied a motion by Panther lawyer Frederic Ferrell to acquit Essex Smith and Tommie Carr on trial for inciting to riot. Police stated that Carr and Smith told a group of 100 to 250 people to "kill the pigs.” The Panthers deny the accusations and the number of bystanders quoted by the police.

4 August 71 Panther Jury Still Debating Plain Dealer

A Common Pleas jury deliberated for nearly four hours without reaching a verdict on the case against Essex Smith and Tommie Carr. The trial began on July 27th.

6 August 71 Jury Frees Panther in Riot Trial Press

After deliberating for nearly 20 hours and over 4 days, the jury found Essex Smith not guilty on charges of inciting to riot, yet could not reach a verdict on the fate of Tommie Carr. Police additionally accused Carr of attempting to grab a rifle from Inspector Donald McNea. Yet contrary to police testimony, McNea denied the incident ever happened. Carr stated that his direction towards the people was to “wake up or the pigs will kill you in your beds.” The Common Please Judge John L. Angelotta declared Carr's trial a mistrial. The Judge stated that the trial was the first on inciting to riot charges in Cuyahoga County since the law was enacted in 1968. Smith would begin serving a 4-23 year sentence for his conviction in a rape and concealed weapons case.

19 August 71 Bomb Rips Entrance to New Panther Clinic Plain Dealer

The entrance to the Cleveland Black Panther headquarters at 2314 E. 79th St. was demolished when a bomb went off in the early morning, injuring two people inside. Willie R. Slater (Jimmy?), who was serving as the night watch, was inside the building when the blast knocked him onto the floor. Panther Tommie Carr said the bomb was an attempt to stop the opening of the free health center. Dr. Allen R. Liebgott, a resident internist at Metropolitan General Hospital, said he volunteered to work at the clinic as soon as it was to be opened. He stated that he was one of three physicians ready to staff the clinic.

21 August 71 Cleveland Offices Dynamited Black Panther

The Black Panther paper reported on the August 18 bombing of the People's Free Medical Clinic of the Cleveland, OH Branch of the Black Panther Party. The paper reported that a fund was started in the Cleveland Black Community to repair damages.

21 August 71 Afro Set, Panthers Join in FBI Protest Plain Dealer

In the face of increased harassment by the PHI, Afro Set and the Cleveland Black Panthers announced a new coalition at Afro Set headquarters. Although no Black Panthers were present, Omarr Majied, Minister of Afro Set, Diablo X, member of Afro Set, and Larry Steele, staff member of the Cleveland Community Relations Department, said the two groups would take the problems to Columbus in a long-range effort. Bill Davis, Information Officer for the Cleveland Panthers confirmed the report, but stated that the coalition was informal and nothing new. During the announcement, Afro Set made particular reference to PHI involvement in the recent bombing of the Cleveland Panther's Health Clinic. Police Chief Lewis W. Coffee has called the allegations "ridiculous."

22 August 71 Afro Set Marches to Aid Panther Clinic Plain Dealer

Afro Set members marched to the Cleveland Black Panther's headquarters in solidarity against those who bombed the Panther's free health clinic. In front of 150 marchers, Omarr Majied, an officer of Afro Set, presented a $50 check to Amoke El of the Cleveland Panthers. In addition, Brother Allit, of the Federation of Black Nationalists, pledged support to the Panthers after the clinic bombing. Harrlel X, Prime Minister of Afro Set, called upon Black churches to unite like the Panthers and Afro Set.

9 September 71 Panthers Invite You to Picnic Press

Bill Davis, leader of the Information Section for the Cleveland Black Panthers, invited the public to a picnic at Midway Lake in hopes of raising funds to repair the recently damaged Panther Health Center. Davis stated that 10 bands would be donating their time to the event.

11 September 71 Cleveland Racists Dynamite People's Free Health Center Black Panther

Article written by the Ohio State Chapter of the BPP reported on the August 18th bombing of the "People's Free Health Center of the Ohio State Chapter of the Black Panther Party.” If the dynamite had been properly lit, the destruction would surely have killed Panthers Alton Delmore and Willie Slater. The Panthers described the community's efforts in painting and cleaning the office in order to open the clinic. The East Cleveland people were in need of such a facility as the City closed down city clinics throughout the community. The Cleveland Branch of the BPP extended their revolutionary appreciation to The Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Out-Reach Community Program, Afro Set, The People's Church, House of Israel, and the Federation of Nationalists for their assistance following the incident. All donations could be sent to the Party at 2312 E. 79th St.

13 September 71 Panthers Hold Open-Air Party: Seek Clinic Funds Plain Dealer

About 100 people attended a party to raise funds for the damaged Panther Health Center. One attendee was Paula Robbins, head of the Cleveland Committee to Combat Fascism, which is patterned after the Panthers but works in the white community. The efforts by the Panthers and supporters largely focused on the lack of assistance by the Cleveland Police. After a month of investigations, which resulted in no arrests, Panthers criticized the lack of information released by Police Chief Lewis W. Coffey.

15 October 71 Black Panthers Provide Eggs, Grits to Hungry Kids Press

In a program that was only two weeks old, more than 50 children were fed hot breakfasts courtesy of the Cleveland Black Panthers. Gail Waters, Program Coordinator for the Free Breakfast Program, stated that children would eat nothing if the Panthers were not providing such services. She and Jimmy Slater administered the program while Estella Smith took care of the cooking duties. All the food was provided through donations from individuals within the community. Happy with the Panther's positive influence, Father Gene Wilson obtained the St. Adalbert Parish School to house the Free Breakfast Program.

2 November 71 Ex-Panther Doesn't Arrive for Riot Trial Press

Common Pleas Judge Francis E. Sweeney issued an order for the arrest of Tommie Carr, former head of the Black Panther Party in Cleveland, after he failed to appear for his trial on riot charges. The Press reported the Carr left the city after a rift within the Party resulted in his resignation as defense minister.” Carr’s attorney, Frederic Ferrell had not spoken with Carr in a few weeks. This trail was the third trial of Carr on the same charges., The original charges stemmed from an incident on 24 September 70, which led to the arrest of Carr , Essex Smith, and Danny Soloman. Smith was acquitted in the first trial and Soloman had been in the Air Force since June 1971.

10 December 71 Black Panthers Reschedule Free Bus Trip to Ohio Pen Press

Joann Bray, Coordinator for the Busing Program of the Black Panther Party, announced a rescheduling of bus trips because Christmas fell on a Saturday. Bray stated that the Bussing Program made trips to the Ohio Penitentiary, Chillicothee Correctional Institute, Mansfield Reformatory , Marion Correctional Institute, and the Marysville Reformatory for Women. Busses had been full for nearly all visits and donations were accepted.