COINTELPRO 1O1 - [Video: 56 min]

Credit: Freedom Archives, Claude Marks

Legacy of Torture [Video: 28 min]

Thanks to Claude Marks & Freedom Archives for permission to use.


Barking Dogs

Let The Truth be Told - Women of the BPP [Video: 12 min]

Video Credits: Phyliss Jackson and Christine L. Minor


Chisholm'72 — Unbrought & Unbossed

Permission granted by Director, Shola Lynch
"Chisholm '72 — Unbought & Unbossed" is available on DVD at and on Netflix

Stokely Carmichael 1966

[Audio: 1 hr:15 Min]

Bobby Seale, 1989

[Audio: 47 Min]

Immokalee: A Story Of Slavery And Freedom

Seize The Time

Seize The Time: Part 1 | Seize The Time: Part 2
Seize The Time: Part 3 | Seize The Time: Part 4

1969 Video has footage of Ray Hewitte
Minister of Education of the BPP &
Donald Cox - Field Marshall of the BPP.

DC & Geronimo Radio Special

KPFA Radio Special - July 11, 2011

DC & Geronimo Radio Special: Disk 1 [1 hr    ]
DC & Geronimo Radio Special: Disk 2 [1 hr    ]
DC & Geronimo Radio Special: Disk 3 [51 min]

Walter Turner & Greg Bridge

Freedom Behind Bars

Albert Woodfox

Organizer / Bob Lee

by: Mike Gray

Justice For All !
The Legacy of the Black Panthers

"Film by Reel News, London based activist video collective.
Reel News produce a bimonthly 90 minute newsreel DVD;
for more info, go to:

Up The Ridge: A U.S. Prison Story

Up The Ridge: Part 1
Up The Ridge: Part 2
Up The Ridge: Part 3

A production of Thousand Kites

- -

THE GHETTO (state of mind) [Audio - 5 min]

Credit: Panther Cub (Son of Ronald Jackson) Seattle Panther.

Malcolm X Day, Oakland
Tarika Lewis & Sister Charlotte O'Neal
May 22nd, 2010

Malcolm X Day, Oakland: Part 1
Malcolm X Day, Oakland: Part 2
Malcolm X Day, Oakland: Part 3

Panther Youth Marching [2 min]

Credit: Freedom Archives

Locked Up & Locked Out

All of Us or None Project

Global Crisis [4min]

with Sauda, Kama, Ambrose(Sauda)
Featuring Newly Released

Mwalimu (Julius Nyerere) [27min]

Credit Source: Pete O'Neal

PRISONS ON FIRE [Audio: 59 Min]
George Jackson, Attica & Black Liberation

Credit for Use: Freedom Archives & Claude Marks

Kuji's Solar Power Project

Requires RealPlayer to view video

Rank & File Sisters [Video: 18 Min]

Video credit: Ethel Paris (E. Oakland)

Dr. Curtis Austin Interview -
"Up Against the Wall" [Audio: 1hr 20min]

Credit and special thanks to Dr. Curtis Austin
for helping us expand our video section

Roz Payne Play [Video: 35 Min]

Thanks to Roz Payne: Visit her website @

Assata in Cuba [Video: 31 Min]

Interview Credit: Dorsey Nunn

Robert F. Williams Audio
Credit for use: Freedom Archives

BPP Historical Footage [Video: 18 Min]

1. May 1967, Sacramento
2. Eldridge Cleaver, Sacramento State