Bob Heard's Transition

Robert J Heard

Hi Lauryn,

I had been dating Bob for about three years. I only knew because one of my friends had seen the obituary and thought it might be him. The obituary is in the February 11 Boston Globe. I can send you a copy if you can't get it online anymore. He died January 29th. There was a service in Dorchester but I did not know soon enough to attend. He is buried in Cincinnati. I did not know any of Bob's family. His obituary says his stepfather, Ashmore Brady lives there as well as a stepbrother Anthony Brady. Ashmore probably is uncommon enough to find a listing to get the exact location.

I miss him every day.

Take Care,


I worked with Bob at Pine Street Inn and was also shocked and very sad to learn about his death. He died in the winter (can't remember which month -- February ?). I was told he'd been in the hospital with a foot infection; he'd stepped on some glass. While there, he developed a blood clot or an infection that went to his brain. His death was very sudden and unexpected.

Though I left Pine Street last October, I have stayed in touch with people who worked there. Everyone was stunned and deeply saddened by his death. He died on his daughter's 12th birthday. His passing is a huge loss to many people, and I know he is still very much missed. His memorial service was beautiful -- full of music, loving words, tears, and some laughter.

I wish I could tell you more. I don't know where he's buried; I think maybe in Cleveland, where his family is. You might want to be in touch with Lyndia Downie, the president of Pine Street Inn. You can reach her at:

All the best,
Katharine Canfield