Greetings comrades and fellow Black Panther Alumni! The Angola 3 reaches out to you on this momentous occasion from the belly of the beast. When we were asked by comrades and friends to participate in this reunion, we were both honored and humbled. In asking this of us, our fellow Panther alumni recognize the merits of our actions, not our situations. It is not that we have been held captive for over 30 years in prison or that that is important; what is important is that we continue to hold high the principles of the Black Panther Party.

Time has changed our bodies but not our resolve; nor has it taken our strength. Gray hairs adorn our heads, but each grain is buried and cultivated by wisdom born of life's experiences. Our souls are battered and bruised--but we remain defiant. We have lost family members, friends and comrades--but our spirits still soar!

We, like all of you here today, at some time in our lives made a conscious decision to become social revolutionaries. Our humanity would not allow us to close our eyes to the horrors waged against the poor, the homeless, the sick, the workers, and artists of this country in the name of the great lie called Democracy!

Armed with the platform and philosophy of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, we not only shook the world, but we changed America forever. For the Angola 3, the Black Panther Party Platform and Philosophy has proven to be many things. It has been a shield that has protected us; a weapon used to strike fear in the hearts of the People's enemy, and it has been a Dove, as a symbol of peace and unity among the People.

As you hear these words, we ask that you search deep within yourselves and feel the spirit of our fallen comrades, and continue the Panther creed. You possess the shovel, the dirt, and the Power to eventually bury the capitalist mode of production. Realize that no matter how long it has been or how much time has changed you, you are still Black Panthers!

We ask that all of you see this 35th anniversary, not only as a celebration of our place in history, or our deeds of the past--but also as a call to arms. Today is once again an opportunity to reaffirm your place in the battle against the enemy of the People. All it takes are choices made by all of you here today.

In closing, we ask that you hear the words of our beloved comrade and friend, Robert King Wilkerson, who was freed this year by the support of the people along with his own fighting spirit. It is this kind of spirit that has allowed us to survive so many years of darkness and despair. Power to the People!

Writing from the Louisiana State Prison at Angola:
Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox, aka Albert Shaka Cinque