Help Needed ASAP / 30 years as political prisoner

From: JoNina Abron


The following is a request for help from former Black Panther Party member Talibah Summra (84th & Broadway office, Los Angeles, 1968-1971). The name is not mentioned, but the political prisoner whom Talibah is seeking to help is Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald, one of the longest held BPP political prisoners. As you may know, Chip suffered a stroke a few years ago.

Talibah needs:

1. Volunteer law students or paralegals

who will research cases in California of people convicted for the same crime about the same time that Chip was convicted. The brother should have been out long ago.

2. Names of attorneys to represent Chip, preferably pro bono.

3. Letters of recommendation when Chip next goes before the parole board.

If you can help or have suggestions, email Talibah at
And please spread the word to other former party members.