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The historical impact of the Black Panther Party (BPP) on the city of Oakland and the world cannot be measured. This photo exhibit covers the growth and development of the BPP in Oakland and other cities; including the famous rallies to Free Huey Newton (co-founder of the BPP) at the Alameda County Courthouse and at Bobby Hutton Park (DeFremery) in West Oakland in 1968-69.

The BPP established many social programs to serve and educate the community throughout America. There are photos of the Free Breakfast for School Children and Free Food Programs as well as the Sickle Cell Anemia Testing program. Pictures also show Panthers in the community doing daily political work, such as selling the BPP Newspaper and registering voters.

Although most of the photos are of rank and file Party members, there are also photos of Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Charles Garry, H. Rap Brown, Angela Davis, George Jackson, Stokely Carmichael - some of the leaders of the Black Liberation movement at that time.

There are also photos depicting some important events in the history of the Black Panther Party: the Panther office after it was shot up by drunken Oakland police, the house where Bobby Hutton was murdered, funerals of Bobby Hutton and George Jackson, the opening of the Community Learning Center in E. Oakland and the campaigns of Bobby Seale and Elaine Brown for public office.

The photo exhibit has been shown in Washington DC at the University of the District of Columbia and recently at four location in Oakland: the Oakland Main Library downtown, the Martin Luther King branch in East Oakland, Laney College and the West Oakland branch where the BPP started.

This exhibit was made possible by the generous donations of photographers Ducho, Stephen Shames, Jahti Jackson, and Jeffrey Blankfort.

  • February
    Allen Temple Church, 85th and E. 14th ST., East Oakland, CA

  • February
    Martin Luther King Library, 24th St., Sacramento, CA

  • February
    Sacramento City College

  • February
    African-American Museum, Sacramento, CA

  • March
    University of Tennessee, Memphis

  • April
    Critical Resistance South, New Orleans, LA

    Black Panther Party & American Historical Perspective Conference, Wheelock College, Boston, MA

  • June
    BPP Photo Exhibit will be at 566 Columbus Ave, Boston MA

  • June
    N'COBRA National Conference, Dallas, TX

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